Plant Type Tree
Crop Image (No Fruit) Sw lychee tree nofruit
Crop Image Sw lychee tree last
Level Level 20
First Plant Time Secs 7200
First Plant Time 2:00:00
First Water Time Secs 14400
First Water Time 4:00:00
Regular Water Time Secs 28800
Regular Water Time 8:00:00
Regenerate Time Secs 21600
Regenerate Time 6:00:00
XP on Completion 120
Courage on Completion 250
Silver on Completion 750
Regen XP 50
Regen Silver 750
Cost 4000
Silver or Gold Silver
Plant Special Item
Special Item Quantity 0
Special Item Probability 0
XP Per Hour 6.25
Silver Per Hour 93.75
Break Even Point 5.33
Break Even Time 76:00:00
Date Added
Version 2.0.9-2013.05.31

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