Sw lumbermill 4
Generators like the Lumber Mill are obtained by completing certain quests. And these quests are offered in sequence so before you can get to the quest with the Lumber Mill, you'll need to complete other quests first. It does not matter what level you are on; it all depends on what quests you have completed.

To help illustrate the sequence, the quests in the table below are listed starting from the beginning of the game up to where you get the Lumber Mill:


Quest Name Quest Summary
Welcome Tasks - Ben Where you start the game and get the Lumberyard
Surprise Supplies Where you build the Earth Pyramid
An Old Sailor's Story Where you get the Quarry and the Giant Cauldron
Milking the Situation When you find the Cow and build the Barn
Make Way! Build a Bath House, Donkey Mill, and Bakery
Everybody Wants Shoes Build a Cobbler
Monkey Business Where you find Bern the Monkey
Millin' About
Gold At Last! When you build the Bank
A Break for Tea
Starry-Eyed Where you get the Lumber Mill and build the Observatory

If you are looking for the Lumber Mill, one of the quests listed above will be in your quest queue (the list of quests in the upper-left section of your game screen). Find which quest of yours is in this list, and focus on that quest. Once you complete it, you will be taken to the next in the list, and on down the list as you complete more quests in the sequence. Keep focusing on this list and you will get the Lumber Mill.

The stages of the Lumber Mill look like this:

Sw lumbermill first
When first uncovered in the jungle

Sw lumbermill
One available Contract, after the initial Lumber Mill has been cleaned

Sw lumbermill 2
Two available Contracts (after upgrading)

Sw lumbermill 3
Three available Contracts (after upgrading)

Sw lumbermill 4
Four available Contracts (fully upgraded)

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